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Google Backs Away From Chatbot Technology

Chatbots were once forecast to be the next big thing in digital ecosystems, but Google and its Assistant has pulled back from chatbots.

ChatBots & AI - Is there really a place for them in Contact Centres?

ChatBots & AI - Is there really a place for them in Contact Centres? 85% of questions will be answered by virtual assistants or ChatBots.

Most Chatbots Still Too Dumb, Says Study

While chatbots are becoming the new normal at the workplace, most chatbots still aren't smart enough to meet their high expectations, according to a new study, ...

Avaya launches social platform for chatbots

Avaya has launched the first social platform for chatbots, which according to the vendor will usher in a giant leap forward in customer self-*service* at GITEX ...

Consumers: Chatbots still too dumb to get the job done

Pegasystems, the software company empowering customer engagement at the world's leading enterprises announced survey results from 3500 global ...

Avaya to demonstrate social platform for chatbots at GITEX

Chatbots can collaborate, exchange information and find answers from other chatbots, not just humans .

Asos still sees potential in chatbots

Asos is building a chatbot that will pivot between sales and e-commerce depending on whether it is being used on a messenger *service* or a voice assistant.

3 Reasons Rule-Based Chatbots Rule

Source: Chatbots continue to gain in popularity in customer *service*. There's no questioning why: they can address most simple customer issues ...

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