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How Chatbots are Redefining Customer Experiences?

In the traditional customer *service* setup, there were customer *service* personnel taking calls and responding to customer queries on emails. Unfortunately, they ...

Chatbots: your private investigators in customer service

Was 2018 the year of the chatbot? Or at least the year they started to become a lot more commonplace in customer *service*? They've become such a routine ...

2019 Is the Year to Invest in Humans as Backlash Against Chatbots and AI Begins

Companies need to get human-savvy fast as the fallout against AI technologies begins next year.

Why Santa Looks to Live Chat and Chatbots for Better Customer Service

With Black Friday having just recently passed by a month ahead of Christmas, and with retail industry analysts saying that UK consumers are expected to ...

Telenor Norway ties up with Zisson to offer AI and chatbots to retailers as e-commerce expands

Telenor Norway said it has tied up with a company called Zisson to develope a cloud omnichannel *service* for retailers, as the growth of e-commerce makes ...

How SMBs Can Successfully Adopt Chatbots, AI and IoT Marketing

Why small and midsized businesses aren't doing enough to adopt chatbots, AI and IoT technologies. Here's how they can.

Retailers Rely on Chatbots to Improve Customer Service

Brands are becoming increasingly aware of how much power the consumer has over them. So, retailers are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to improve ...

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