Custom Applications

Building reliable applications that stand the test of time

Our applications have served clients for over 15 years.

Our past projects have included class registration systems, grant writing/file sharing systems, client management and support , time tracking, and cobranded tutorial content.  Many of these systems have been in place for more than 10 years and continue to scale and function with little to no maintenance.



Dot Command Center utilizes Microsoft .NET platform to create
custom applications for specific client needs.

  • We can build a new data driven application from scratch
  • We can make updates to an existing .NET application
  • We can build an API for your application
  • We can build custom web parts for Kentico CMS
  • We can build a custom Power BI Dashboard for your organization

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

We have been recently working on several apps utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence.  This is a hot new industry that is improving daily.  For instance, we have gathered hundreds of articles on artificial intelligence using artificial intelligence.  Use our search box below to find some of the latest information on this topic.


Have a great idea for an app?

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