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How to Do Quarterly Ad Planning

Perhaps you have a yearly marketing plan that provides an overview of the year. This can be helpful in understanding your overall goals but too vague to implement. Thats why a campaign plan with a narrower windowsuch as a quarteris essential to marketing success. A quarterly ad campaign plan provides a more granular view of […]

How to Use Quarterly Content Planning to 10x Content Output

Content planning is easily the most unenjoyable part of the entire content production and marketing processjust ask any digital marketer. Yet, its an essential component of content marketing that cant be ignored if you want to 10x your content output. Not only will organization help you stay on top of things, but content planning helps […]

            What Are Content Managers, and How Do You Become One?

What Are Content Managers, and How Do You Become One?

Content managers build a companys content strategy, create targeted and relevant content, and distribute marketing communications to audiences online. They are organized, well-versed in fostering a brand voice, and often know their way around a blog post.

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