Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an essential part of successful website presence

Internet marketing strategies are constantly changing to meet the latest search engine algorithyms

Website Architecture
We build our sites on the best frameworks to optimize site crawling with friendly and relevant links, sitemaps, robots files, and correct redirects.
Combinations of SEO Factors
We know that no one single SEO factor can guarantee rankings.  We continue to monitor and improve your search engine success on multiple factors over time including on-page methods as well as off-page methods.
Content and Social Media
We can help you create video clips and product ads for your social media as well as integrate intelligent industry news feeds for fresh and relevant content enhancement.

Dot Command Center stays up to date with the latest market trends and standards to help your website get found quickly and by the preferred target audience.

Tech Exchange students reflect on their future careers

What if this was your day? At 10 a.m., explore the impact of cybersecurity on society. Over lunch, chat with a famous YouTuber. Wrap up the day with a tour of the Google X offices. Then, head home to work on a machine intelligence group project.Sound out of the ordinary? For the 65 students participating in Googles Tech Exchange program, this has been their reality over the last nine months.Tech ...

A promising step forward for predicting lung cancer

Over the past three years, teams at Google have been applying AI to problems in healthcarefrom diagnosing eye disease to predicting patient outcomes in medical records. Today were sharing new research showing how AI can predict lung cancer in ways that could boost the chances of survival for many people at risk around the world.Lung cancer results in over 1.7 million deaths per year, making it th...

Behind Magenta, the tech that rocked I/O

On the second day of I/O 2019, two bands took the stagewith a little help from machine learning. Both YACHT and The Flaming Lips worked with Google engineers who say that machine learning could change the way artists create music.Any time there has been a new technological development, it has made its way into music and art, says Adam Roberts, a software engineer on the Magenta team. The history ...

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