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The UK government thinks it's time for Facebook to be regulated

For the last 18 months, UK lawmakers have investigated Facebook, and it's recommended they and other social media giants be regulated. A damning report released on Monday said after years of self-regulation, these companies were unable to protect users data and privacy, or from disinformation. SEE ALSO: Facebook might have to pay billions of dollars in fines to FTC for privacy violations The UK p...

Facebook targeted in scathing report by British Parliament

A British parliamentary committee issued a scathing report accusing the social media giant of breaking data privacy and competition laws and calling for new regulations to rein in the technology industry.

Fallout from Facebook’s shady program spying on children

(SOCIAL MEDIA) Facebook is barely even trying to be sneaky anymore, paying children to allow them to spy. Shameless. The post Fallout from Facebook’s shady program spying on children appeared first on The American Genius.

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