Corporate Social Responsibility

Its our responsibility.

Corporate Service Responsibility is a core principal of our company since its inception in 2001. 

In the early days of operation we supported up and coming local musicians as we managed and hosted their website and email. In recent years we have focused our attention on several not-for-profit organizations where we can readily see the results of their significant outreach and hard work. Dot Command Center is dedicated to supporting our community and our selected charities.

Currently we offer our expertise and counsel in supporting the Abundant Life Foundation, Majesty Outdoors and Clinica Esperanza with either web site design, hosting and maintenance or network support and email services.

This year we are focused on providing technical assistance and equipment to the Clinica Esperanza on the island of Roatan Honduras in coalition with teh Grand Roatan Resort.  This free clinic sees 80 to 100 patients a day, dispensed over 3 million pills from its pharmacy last year and provides the island with not only medical but also dental care.

Click on the logo below to view a brief profile of each of these great organizations.