Website Maintenance

Dependable and Reliable Service

Do you have an existing website or application, but not getting the response times or personal attention that you want?

Convert to CMS Cloud
The most effecient way to maintain your website is using a content management system.  We recommend converting your existing website in our CMS Cloud.  With our CMS Maintenance agreement, we can make your changes for you more effeciently, but still give you  easy access to make your own changes.

Existing Platforms
From custom application code to static HTML websites to content managment systems such as Wix, Joomla or Wordpress, we have seen it all.  Dot Command Center can login to your existing site and make changes you want in a timely manner.

Custom Applications
We specialize in .NET application development.  If you have an existing application that needs some fine tuning or feature enhancements, we can jump into your project and make the neccessary changes for a reasonable price.

Contact us today to maintain your existing website or web app.