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Our developers have a deep knowledge of the underlying technologies, while still keeping up with the latest industry trends and standards.

Custom Applications
Our developers utlize the Microsoft .NET platform to produce high functioning data driven applications that stand the test of time.

Kentico Expertise
We are certified developers with over 6 years experience on the Kentico CMS platform.  We have hosted and maintained the infrastructure for over 600 kentico sites.
Our development team can help you quickly build out a decision tree for a website chatbot to provide quality customer service and streamline your daily tasks.

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In-Sprint Test Automation at Agile and DevOps Speed Using Testsigma

Introduction A few years back, when software development strategies such as the Waterfall model were prominent, the testing phase used to start after the whole development phase was complete and later came the release. We have come a long way since then after the adoption of Agile and DevOps practices. However, UI automation typically still lags behind the sprint. The reason is that Agile and Dev...

The Right Idea: Testing in Production to Build Greater Resiliency

Shift-Left is a well-established practice in the DevOps community. In essence, its about moving key technical practices that are part of software delivery closer to developers when they are writing their features. Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) is a common example, as this practice reduces common wasteful activities in software development early on. Similarly, integrating security and code qu...

Understanding DevOps Lifecycle Phases

A combination of Development and Operations, the term DevOps describes a software industry practice of combining the important functions of developing and operating software applications through unified platforms. Since this concept describes the entire lifecycle of software applications, it consists of various important phases. Here, we discuss some important DevOps Lifecycle Phases to help you ...

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