Web Application Development

Reliable Application Development in a Fast Paced Industry

Our developers have a deep knowledge of the underlying technologies, while still keeping up with the latest industry trends and standards.

Custom Applications
Our developers utlize the Microsoft .NET platform to produce high functioning data driven applications that stand the test of time.

Kentico Expertise
We are certified developers with over 6 years experience on the Kentico CMS platform.  We have hosted and maintained the infrastructure for over 600 kentico sites.
Our development team can help you quickly build out a decision tree for a website chatbot to provide quality customer service and streamline your daily tasks.

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Software Delivery: Shaking Loose of a Local Optimum

This is an article about software delivery, that magical or onerous field between pushing code to version control and using it in production. Why does software delivery matter? Because software matters, and because software developers matter. I dont want my software delivery to get out of the way. I want it to make me a stronger developer. The path from code to production is crucial because it de...

            What is Serverless - Part 4: Fission - An Open Source Serverless Framework for Kubernetes

What is Serverless - Part 4: Fission - An Open Source Serverless Framework for Kubernetes

This is a 5-part blog series. See part 1, part 2, and Part 3. Fission is a Kubernetes-native, open-source framework for Serverless functions. With this free Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) solution, developers can easily code, deploy, and operate Serverless applications that are production-ready from the get-go without having to learn anything about Kubernetes. It also allows ITOps to enable a Lambd...

Microsoft and Docker team up to make packaging and running cloud-native applications easier

Microsoft and Docker today announced a new joint open-source project, the Cloud Native Application Bundle (CNAB), that aims to make the lifecycle management of cloud-native applications easier. At its core, the CNAB is nothing but a specification that allows developers to declare how an application should be packaged and run. With this, developers can define their resources […]

            Design for DevelopersAvoiding Clutter

Design for DevelopersAvoiding Clutter

Design for DevelopersAvoiding ClutterIntroductionThis is the first in the series of article which I have planned to show the concept of better design from the developers perspective. Developers are mostly concerned with if the app works and not how the user perceives our app.Avoiding ClutterAs developers, we are always inclined to show the latest and greatest of our creation to the world. We ofte...

What student developers actually want in a job

The coding languages student developers know don't always line up with what organizations need, according to HackerRank.

Facebook lets individual developers back into revised app review

Facebook reopened its app review process with new verification requirements in May following an outcry over how easily the company approved developers.

            ICYMI in November: heres what happened in G Suite

ICYMI in November: heres what happened in G Suite

Sorry we missed you these past two months. Next Tokyo and London were at the top of our to-dos. Check out the keynotes to catch the highlights.In case youre curious, we improved the G Suite Developer hub this past month to make it easier for developers to track projects from one place. We also launched a way for you to integrate content from third-party apps directly into your email drafts. With ...

The Best Browser Extensions for Developers In 2018

Weve decided to choose the add-ons that would work equally well on Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium. The post The Best Browser Extensions for Developers In 2018 appeared first on MonsterPost.

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