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With experience in both design and programming,
website production is our specialty. 

We keep up with industry standards in CSS, HTML, and Javascript to provide an efficient and standard code base.  Our recent implementations include Bootstrap and Jquery libraries.
We blend the creative and the technical skill to provide the best and most flexible code base for your website in the short term and the long term.

Jazz Up Your Website With These Two Snazzy CSS Animation Libraries

In designing a website, CSS* animations can provide a stunning visual experience to the user. While animations in the past were mostly done with Javascript and Flash, the new CSS3 standards have gone a long way, especially in terms of how many CSS animations are now cross-browser compatible. While you could create your own custom CSS animations, there are already a couple great pre-made animation stylesheets that people with very little CSS and HTML knowledge can use. Two great animation stylesheets that I recommend using are animate.css and animations.css.

CSS Debugging and Optimization: Minification with CSSO

The following introduction to CSS minification tools is an extract from Tiffanys upcoming book, CSS Master, 2nd Edition, which will be available shortly. On your road to becoming a CSS master, youll need to know how to troubleshoot and optimize your CSS. How do you diagnose and fix rendering problems? How do you ensure that your CSS creates no performance lags for end users? And how do you ensure...

Browser painting and considerations for web performance

The process of a web browser turning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into a finished visual representation is quite complex and involves a good bit of magic. Heres a simplified set of steps the browser goes through: Browser creates the DOM and CSSOM. Browser creates the render tree, where the DOM and styles from the CSSOM are taken into account (display: none elements are avoided). Browser computes the...

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